The right partner in
AR, VR, Extended Reality

Welcome at Spectr! Your ideal partner for innovative XR (AR, VR, Mixed Reality) solutions. Our in-house experts are ready to develop an immersive XR experience for you, completely customized.

Spectr specializes in applications of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, computational vision and 3D modeling.

The XR solution for your organization

Looking for an XR solution for your organization?

We offer expertise in the most advanced technologies on the market and specialize in virtual reality and augmented reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, computer vision and 3D modeling.

Our enthusiastic, hands-on experts will help your organization toward a total solution. From entertainment to education, security to real estate and everything in between, you’ve come to the right place at Spectr. We support you from A to Z, from design to realization.

Total Solution in Augmented, Virtual or Extended Relality,
from A to Z.

Our mission? Together with you, we want to develop a solution using the latest technology on the market to create new opportunities for your organization.

We support you from A to Z in the implementation of the application. For both software and hardware, you can fully count on us. In addition, we are always available for support when using the application.

Together with you, we actively search for the right innovation with the greatest added value for your organization. Not just a nice-to-have, we go for big improvement!

Multiplayer AR or VR:
an experience to share.


Communicate easily in a virtual world.


VR sessions accessible to multiple people at the same time.

Social interaction

The multiplayer experience encourages interaction between participants.

Multiple perspectives

Look at each situation from new angles.

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