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About Spectr

The Spectr team consists of hands-on experts in software development, specializing in VR, AR, MR, AI, computational vision and 3D modeling.

We strive to provide a total solution for our clients and go beyond software development. 
Our team works with you to consider the best possible solution for your business. We also provide the necessary hardware and support in the implementation and use of the applications.

Our diverse team has a background in the industrial sector and the necessary experience as industrial programmers. This allows us to offer complete support, a one-stop shop for all your XR solutions. 

Meet the team

Spectr - Lode Snackaert

Lode Snackaert

Spectr - Arne Snackaert

Arne Snackaert

Spectr - Peter Van Dyck

Peter Van Dyck

Spectr - Dries De Ridder

Dries De Ridder

Spectr - Cedric Kamermans

Cédric Kamermans

Spectr - Stephanie Haegens

Stephanie Haegens

Spectr - Stuie Van Muylder

Stuie Van Muylder

Spectr - Iven De Smedt

Iven De Smedt

Spectr - Luca Vanesche

Luca Vanesche

Spectr - Elias De Herdt

Elias De Herdt

Spectr - Sem Van Dam

Sem Van Dam

Spectr - Danny Maus

Danny Maus

Spectr - Mattias Van Opstal

Matthias Van Opstal

Spectr - Jone Van der Hallen

Jone Van der Hallen

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