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XR offers innovative applications that will define the future of the construction industry.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

XR offers innovative applications that will define the future of the construction industry.

Innovative applications are critical to the construction industry. They underlie modern working methods and provide solutions to new and complex challenges.

XR offers numerous opportunities in design, communication, collaboration and development.

Spectr: XR oplossing voor AEC


Design and 3D modeling

XR takes the design process to a new level.
Because we can use the latest technologies to create a super realistic digital twin, plans can be accurately examined at the design stage.

In the virtual location, you detect problems faster, and can respond to them immediately. This can help significantly reduce costly and time-consuming changes further down the line.

Spectr: XR oplossing voor AEC


Communication with third parties

Give your customers a real-life experience in a virtual construction site at the start of your project. That way everyone of a realistic set of expectations, and everyone is on the same page.

With a customized XR solution, you remove all doubts even before the first brick is laid.

Spectr: XR oplossing voor AEC


Project management

Collaboration is the figurative key to any AEC project. Practices across different partners and departments are always a challenge.

XR can help make communication smooth and clear. For example, you virtually map out the various construction phases. In XR, you smoothly share the minute details of the finished vision and updates on the project.

Experience your
BIM files
in a different, virtual way.

Converting BIM files to VR offers tremendous benefits.

Viewing BIM files in an interactive VR environment improves visual presentation, collaboration, communication and productivity.

All parties benefit, from developer to end user.

XR Training

XR has a huge impact on training opportunities within the construction industry: an immersive learning experience lets your workers gain hands-on experience in a safe environment.

Provide quality training in a realistic scenario. So you train hyperefficiently on safety, execution of high-risk tasks, operational routes and fire safety.