Education and training
in VR, AR, XR

Educate and train more efficiently in interactive, immersive XR training.

Education and Training

Spectr has the most modern technologies on the market, enabling a new generation of learning and training applications.
Our XR applications allow users to gain hands-on experience in a safe, realistic and, above all, efficient VR environment.

The user is immersed in a realistic, virtual environment.
Through the intense experience, information is retained faster, better and longer.

The Hazard Factory

Safety training

An immersive safety training takes place in a real-life and realistic scenario.

In a VR safety training from The Hazard Factory, employees train on recognizing and preventing hazards in a safe and efficient environment.


Driving simulation

Using XR, we create several realistic scenarios.

This is how we train the drivers of today and tomorrow in the safest environment possible.

In situations like this, a virtual environment has been shown to offer numerous advantages.


Comprehensive reports

During a workout in XR, important data is automatically saved. Thus, afterwards in a comprehensive report you can find all the data about the training and its implementation.

Spectr also strives to evaluate and optimize the XR experience with you each time. The sky is the limit!

The Hazard Factory:
VR Safety Training

For The Hazard Factory, we developed real-life site scenarios in an interactive learning environment. Learners get a real-life experience with hyper-realistic visual and audio materials

XR Training

We would be happy to review with you what opportunities XR has for education or training in your field.