XR in manufacturing,
from concept design
to maintenance

XR applications increase your productivity, quality and safety. And lower your costs!

XR in Manufacturing

XR applications offer the opportunity to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve quality and safety. 

XR offers the manufacturing industry numerous opportunities to work as efficiently as possible.
Thanks to XR applications, companies can improve their floor planning, design and development, training, maintenance and inspections. The processes we can optimize are endless.

Spectr: XR oplossing voor manufacturing


Engineering and design

When developing a new product, research and testing of prototypes are often expensive and intensive steps.

Costs can add up so quickly when it is discovered during testing that adjustments still need to be made.

Running this phase of the development process in XR can make it more time- and cost-efficient.

Spectr: XR oplossing voor manufacturing


Maintenance and inspection

With the right XR application, you can now perform certain inspections and maintenance remotely.

This is very time and cost efficient. You can intervene more quickly and easily, interrupting production only for a limited time.

Production lines need significantly less downtime. In addition, numerous other items such as travel expenses fall away.

Spectr: XR oplossing voor manufacturing


Work floor layout

Schedule your production floor much more efficiently and easily thanks to XR.

In Spectr’s XR tools, you check that all devices are easily accessible and correctly positioned, that the production line is set up in the right order and that there is enough working space.

In this way, you can optimize the production site even before it is installed and in use.

Test, analyze and
train with a
digital twin.

By using simulation and analysis based on the digital twin, numerous companies can improve and optimize their processes for more efficient and sustainable production.

In addition, digital twins offer a unique opportunity to make training safer, more efficient and cost-effective. This also gives students the opportunity to practice and develop in realistic situations without risk of damage or accidents.

XR Training

The manufacturing industry can also use XR for training.

AR and VR training allows safe training for high-risk occupations where practical knowledge is lacking and the risk of harm is high.

Simulators offer too few options in this regard. XR can immerse trainees in a realistic environment, preventing injuries and improving practices.