Planet Pasta – Planet Yoghurt

Products come to life with 3D animations


The yogurt/pasta store Planet Pasta/Yogurt wanted to add new characters to their branding namely mascots. They came to VR Base with this question, and we partnered with them to bring these mascots to life. The development of these mascots went through several stages. There was close communication at every stage so that we always stayed on the same page.

In the concept phase, several designs were created in 2D so we could decide together which direction we wanted to go. To give the characters their own personality, we created thorough expression sheets.
The entire 3D process was done in Blender and Nomad Sculpt. In Nomad Sculpt, the mascots got their first life. Afterwards, they were transformed into an animated model in Blender using Retopflow. These models were textured, gerigged and skinned, and given unique facial expressions with blendshapes. A short animation was rendered in Blender Cycles.

And then the moment suprême! VR base hosted the presentation of the new Planet Pasta/Yogurt mascots in their own virtual environment. For this, we brought the characters and their animations to Unity so that these mascots could be admired in VR.

Project in pictures